sensory gardens




Sensory gardens enliven the whole spectrum of senses of the growing child. They should stimulate the sight, sound, smell, feel and taste of all who enter, allowing them to step outside of the realms of the conventional schoolyard and to be immersed into a calming and connecting environment.


Sensory gardens are becoming more and more popular in schools as they add colour and beauty alongside all of their other qualities. They are especially important for children that have particular emotional, physical or social needs and provide a retreat, a grounding and a beautiful place to just be.


You don't need a large space to create a sensory garden. We can create a garden for you to fit your space, budget and needs; that can be anything from a really small area to a huge open field.




Here are just some of the elements that we could add..


Colour! flowers, wind socks, decorations, mosaics, murals, insect hotels.. 


Strong scented flowers and herbs..


windchimes, gongs, xylaphone, bee attracting flowers, drums, windpipes


fruit, veg, berries, edible flowers


weaving looms, spikey/soft plants, tactile materials, 

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