playground design

Let's create the playground your children dream of!

"The opportunity to play creatively in high-quality environments is essential to the development of children. Through their play they acquire skills and abilities which can be learnt in no other way. Children cannot provide these opportunities for themselves - adults must do it for them. The quality of what we provide affects the quality of what children learn. The greater the complexity of that environment the greater the quality of learning."

ROSPA (Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents)


We design playgrounds using the principles of permaculture; that means following the patterns of nature and creating systems that work beautifully for all involved. Our designs inspire free play, imagination and creativity, encourage local wildlife and enhance biodiversity, and provide unlimited opportunities for your children to explore and grow in self awareness, confidence and connection to their environment. Our playspaces and equipment carefully follow all safety guidelines as set out by ROSPA and BS EN1176. 

After working with you to define your vision and needs for your space, we can then begin on a design plan. This can include the integration of natural climbing equipment, a sensory garden, planting area, tree house, sculpture trail, food forest, mud kitchen, reflection area, water feature, mural wall, herb spiral, theatre space.. the list is endless! Staff and pupils are always welcomed and encouraged to be involved in any stage of the design process (if they would like to be). Please contact us if you have an area you would like to develop, no matter how small or large, and we can help you to realise its full potential.


On a preliminary site visit we can offer inspiration, ideas and examples of what we could offer. If after our visit you would like us to design your space for you, our design service includes all further visits, soil sampling, base maps and drawings - all you need to take your vision up to completion. Please contact us for more details.



 Permaculture is: consciously designed landscapes mimicking the patterns and relationships found in nature... order to create perfectly balanced systems, where no waste is created, and biodiversity is encouraged to flourish...

...harmoniously integrating people and landscapes, and inspiring them intellectually, emotionally and physically.

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