Outdoor weaving looms

Our outdoor weaving looms are made from beautiful hardwoods, with a handcarved personalised message, completely unique for your school. They are sturdy and very long lasting, and are large enough for a group of several children to all weave together at one time. 


The loom creates a wonderful bridge between nature and the creative arts, encouraging children to pay attention to the colours, textures and qualities of the natural materials around them, recognising changes in the seasons, and then developing their fine motor, co-operation and co-ordination skills as the materials are woven together. The loom can also be used for therapeutic reasons, and included in a quiet reflective area, or incorporated into a special needs program. 


Popular projects include recycled art, different colours/textures for different seasons, group art works, wish/prayer writings woven together, sensory tapestries (using scented herbs or interesting textured plants).. The list goes on and on. The loom will last for many years, and can be restrung again and again, creating beautiful peices of work to be hung on the classroom wall for all to see and remember. 




Our looms are made from oak, so are incredibly long lasting, The loom can either be built with feet, (as shown here in the image above) or sunk permanently into the ground. Our looms are beautifully hand made and each one is made to order. 

Our looms are influenced by the Earth Loom design originally created by Susan and Richard Merrill of The Earthloom Foundation. They use the loom to facilitate building self esteem and personal vision, and have a wonderful website where they share stories of how the looms have been used in many locations around the world. We highly recommend looking into their work.