Insect hotels

Pallets make a wonderful structure for an insect hotel, and by stacking a number of pallets together you can create a large area that can be filled with a variety of natural materials to create a paradise for bugs to move into.

We can build your hotels for you onsite, or we also offer a half day workshop where we will bring all the materials and work together with your children to create it together, whilst explaining the different varieties and life cycles of insect that are likely to visit. 


Oak framed insect hotels

Alternatively we also offer solid oak insect hotels, particuarly useful for areas where space is an issue. They are lovingly hand made and so each one can vary slightly based on materials that are available to us at different times of the year. They can either be fixed securely into the ground in an open area, or fixed to a wall of your schoolyard. The name of your school can also be etched into the bug hotel at no extra cost.