insect hotels



Providing a home for native beneficial insects will help your garden in many ways. Good for the insect (habitat destruction) good for the garden (pests and polinisation) good for the children (really interesting!) 


Some of the insects and the types of material they like to live in.. images of all of them and close ups of our hotels. 


Lacewings: eat aphids corugated cardboard in tubes

Ladybugs: eat aphids! dry sticks or leaves

Solitary bees: polinators. like holes in bamboo/wood of various sizes. also like warmth. 

Frogs: eat slugs slates, cool stones to hide under

Beetles, woodlice, centipedes, wood boring beetles, fungi (all breaking down wood) like dead wood

Straw/hay, dry leaves; invertebrates, break down forest floor litter

Loose bark: spiders, milipedes, woodlice

cracks and crevices

nectar producing flowers nearby to attract polinators



Our insect hotels are made from solid oak, and filled with many different natural materials to encourage a huge range of insect life. They are lovingly hand made and so each one can vary slightly based on materials that are available to us at different times of the year. They can either be fixed securely into the ground in an open area, or fixed to a wall of your schoolyard. The name of your school can also be etched into the bug hotel at no extra cost. 

Each bug hotel can be made to order to your specifications, but for a guide the prices of three recent projects are below. 



Approx 50cm x50cm

Fixed onto the wall.


Approx 130cm x 60cm

Fixed into the ground.

Approx 130cm x 60cm

Fixed onto the wall.

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